Sexual assault education programs

CASA House is a department of the Royal Women’s Hospital. It is one of 15 centres in Victoria, funded by the State Government to provide services to victim/survivors of all genders. This includes crisis care after recent sexual assault, as well as ongoing counselling and advocacy.

CASA House also provides training in responding to disclosures of sexual assault, community education and secondary consultation.

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault (RDSA) training

CASA House facilitates an 8-hour professional development on responding to disclosures of sexual assault on a monthly basis. This program:

  • examines the systemic issues underlying sexual assault and the impacts of sexual assault on society
  • considers an intersectional framework and a rights/advocacy model for responding to victim/survivors of sexual assault
  • enhances skills and strategies for responding to people in crisis because of sexual assault
  • provides information about referral options and available supports
  • examines vicarious trauma for workers.

RDSA training is attended by professionals from a wide variety of fields including education, welfare, allied health, medical and law enforcement.

RDSA training is free for staff who work at the Women’s.  

Additionally, CASA House provides tailored training programs, specific to the needs of a department or organisation. Training can be delivered online, or on location.

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