Maternity Psychotropic Assessment Service

The Maternity Psychotropic Medicine Assessment Service is for women in early pregnancy or pre-pregnancy who are taking or have been prescribed psychotropic medications (such as anti-depressants or anti-psychotics).

The service assists women (referred by their doctor/psychiatrist) who would like:

  • an assessment and advice on medication management in pregnancy, including risks and benefits for mother, fetus/baby and lactation.

It is a single session only consultation service, provided by a perinatal psychiatrist with special training in maternity care. 

Women and their referring GP/psychiatrist are provided with written assessment and recommendations on the use of psychotropic medicine individualised for the woman’s situation.

The services does not:

  • prescribe medicines 
  • provide diagnostic clarification
  • provide a second psychiatric opinion 
  • provide follow-up care or capacity assessments.


Women who:

  • are in their first trimester of pregnancy or planning pregnancy

  • are taking or have been prescribed a psychotropic medicine for a mental health issue, including Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • have an established mental health diagnosis

  • have a GP or psychiatrist to care for, prescribe and monitor psychotropic medicines 

  • live near the Royal Women's Hospital (able to attend a face-to-face consultation at the Women's, wherever possible).


Women who:

  • require crisis interventions for acute risk (such as acute suicidal ideation management)

  • require or seek diagnostic clarification

  • require or seek parental capacity assessment.


Women do not need to be an existing patient of the Women's.

GPs and psychiatrists can refer directly to the Maternity Psychotropic Medicine Assessment Service by: Fax referral to (03) 8345 3036.

Please include the below information required to provide an assessment:

  • obstetric and medical history
  • psychiatric history
  • current psychotropic medications and their effectiveness and side effects
  • other medicines and allergies
  • previous psychotropic medicines and their effectiveness and side effects
  • psychiatric treating teams and contact details.

For any questions regarding access to this service, please call during business hours on (03) 8345 2070.

Date reviewed: 12 March 2024

Date reviewed: 12 March 2024