Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutritional care is aimed at maintaining optimal health through normal nutrition and the use of medical nutrition therapy for the treatment of relevant clinical conditions. 

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department provides nutritional care to all patients of the hospital.  Dietitians at the Women’s have specialist knowledge of nutrition and women’s health throughout all stages of the life cycle. The department also works closely with the Food Services Department to ensure that hospital meals are nutritious and appropriate to meet the  needs of our patients. 


Dietitians provide assessment, management and advice in the following areas:

  • Neonatal nutrition
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Diabetes in pregnancy
  • Weight management
  • Adolescent health
  • Reproductive health, including polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Pelvic floor disorders causing bowel symptoms such as incontinence
  • Women’s cancer
  • Menopause and older women’s health

Clinical inclusion

  • Our services are available to all inpatients and outpatients of the hospital with nutritional conditions related to women’s health.
  • External referrals will be considered for specialist women’s health conditions where it is unlikely that the patient can access equivalent expertise in the community (for example nutritional management of pelvic floor symptoms).

Clinical exclusion

We do not provide outpatient management of chronic conditions that are not specifically women’s health related such as diabetes, overweight or gastrointestinal disorders.


The service operates Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm


Outpatient appointments require a valid referral from a GP, specialist or other hospital department. Referrals are valid for 12 months.

Referrals require a medical diagnosis with supporting biochemical results where appropriate.

Please complete and fax the Fast Fax Referral form.


Patients will be notified of appointment details by letter or telephone call.