Information for funeral providers

A funeral director of the parent’s choosing should transport the baby, placenta and paperwork to and from the VPAS laboratory where the autopsy is to be performed.

VPAS provides funding to facilitate the transportation of the baby. Currently this funding only applies to babies that are a registered birth, that is over 20 weeks or live born.  

Procedures for funeral transport providers

Transferring a baby for autopsy should be prioritised and the baby should be transported promptly within business hours to the appropriate VPAS provider. 

A number of important procedures must be followed. Please review the Procedures for funeral directors presenting to VPAS provider laboratories.

The baby will be released back to the authorised funeral director upon completion of testing. Permission from the family must be documented on a Transport authorisation form.

Costs of transportation of registered babies for autopsy will be reimbursed by VPAS.

Invoicing VPAS for transport costs

Invoices must include the following information:

  • The mother’s full name
  • The baby’s full name, if given
  • The dates of all transports
  • The pick-up location and drop-off locations of both pre autopsy and post autopsy transports
  • The gestation (VPAS can only fund the transportation of babies who are registered births)
  • The location of the VPAS laboratory

The invoice must be addressed to:

VPAS - The Royal Women’s Hospital
Locked Bag 300
Parkville Victoria 3052

Invoices can also be emailed.