The Women’s launches bold new roadmap

The Women's new strategic plan builds on the strengths of what we already do.
16 June 2022 | Staff

The Women’s has outlined its vision for a healthier future for women and babies with the launch of a new strategic plan.

The Royal Women’s Hospital Strategic Plan 2022–2025 is a roadmap that identifies how the Women’s will build on its foundations and implement change over the next three years.

Speaking at the online launch event earlier today, the Women’s Deputy Board Chair, Cath Bowtell, said the focus of the plan is on the delivery of high-quality, accessible health care that is safe, effective and supportive of all women and babies.

“The vision that we’ve come up with at the heart of everything we do,” she said.

“It’s really important to have that North Star because when we make decisions, we’ll always make them through that lens of creating healthier futures for women and babies.”

Our focus for the next three years

The key areas of focus for the Women’s over the next three years are:

  • providing leading care for women and newborns
  • partnering to create exceptional experiences every day
  • being the best place to work, learn and contribute
  • leading and partnering to influence change.

Ms Bowtell said initiatives outlined in the plan aim to support the Women’s workforce; partner with patients and consumers; focus on research, education and training; develop new care models; expand the hospital’s physical space; and continue our focus on advocacy and leadership.

“The plan is a very good balance of continuity and change,” Ms Bowtell said. “It’s anchored in all of the great work that we already do. But it is also ambitious for change.”

Flexible and adaptive

While the Women’s previous Strategic Plan spanned five years, the latest is a three-year plan with the potential to be extended.

“The Strategic Plan was developed at the height of the pandemic and so recognises and proactively plans for an ongoing dynamic environment,” the Women’s Chief Executive Officer, Professor Sue Matthews said.

“While we are still experiencing and dealing with the effects of the pandemic on the health system and our hospital, this gives us the opportunity to be adaptive and flexible.”

The plan was developed following consultation with hundreds of people, including staff, volunteers, Board partners, community members, patients and their families.

Read: Strategic Plan 2022-25.