We care for all women

Do you or your family member(s) identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

We ask this question because we can provide extra support and information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families coming to the Women's. For example, you can call into Badjurr-Bulok Wilam for a cuppa and a yarn if you need some time away from the rest of the hospital. Contact Badjurr-Bulok Wilam for more information.

Do you identify as lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersexual?

You don't have to tell us, but you can. We want you to know that being a member of the LGBTQI+ community would never affect the care you are given.

During your medical examination, you might be asked questions that you think are not relevant to you or that you find strange. This is because our staff needs to gather comprehensive background information to be able to give you the most appropriate care and advice. It doesn't mean that we automatically assume everyone is "straight" and it doesn't mean that your sexual orientation is being questioned.

Do you have lived experience of a disability?

The Women's strives to tailor its services to meet the needs of people with lived experience of disability. Make sure your GP includes on your referral that you are a person with lived experience of disability, so that we can schedule a longer appointment time for you, or any other assistance you might need. 

Our Disability Liaison Officer can also help you access the care, treatment and services you need.

Do you need an interpreter?

Your GP should have included this information when they first made the appointment at the Women's for you. You can call, though, to make sure an interpreter will be available for you.